Winners of the Golden Apple award were announced earlier
this month.


On a bright, sunny Monday morning earlier this month, a dozen-some directors of the Upper Arlington Civic Association, donning their signature golden jackets, gathered outside UAHS to present three 2020-21 Golden Apple awards.

The award, which was founded in 1981, is given annually to one teacher from each school in UA. Winners receive the coveted Golden Apple plaque.

The UAHS faculty member to receive the award was college counselor Kathy Moore.

UACA directors read aloud submissions from students and parents attesting to Moore’s dedication and commitment to UAHS students.

“She does an incredible job helping students in their process of applying to college and continues to help all along the way,” one submission stated.

“She provided the best advice to help you succeed in the college application process,” said another. “Working with her for two years, she was always accessible and was eager to help things.”

Next, the directors announced the winner of the district and administration Golden Apple, which was first awarded in 2018. 

“This year, we had so many compelling nominations, but we had an overwhelming response from the nutritional services program,” said a UACA director. “It is an honor to present the 20-21 Golden Apple district award winner to Irene Hunt, director of nutritional services.”

Many submissions specifically praised Hunt’s work in engaging students with disabilities with the nutritional services department.

“She also took the time to identify opportunities for the students with special needs. Her effort is admirable,” said one. “Thank you, Irene, for providing a job for my son and for respecting individuals with disabilities.”

A special COVID-19 award was given to honor someone who contributed to the district’s pandemic response. That award went to COVID-19 Nurse Coordinator Gina Rancitelli, who was praised for her flexibility and energy in coordinating the COVID-19 response.

“Gina has taken on a completely new role within our school district this year,” said a submission. “She has helped define the role and she has acclimated quickly to this incredible challenge.”

The other winners within the UA district, who were given the prize at separate ceremonies, were Sarah Cappel of Greensview Elementary School, Caren Wildman of Barrington Elementary School, Kristin Bugnitz of Tremont Elementary School, Jennifer Barrow of Windermere Elementary School, Sarah Oberlin of Wickliffe Elementary School, Cristina Farbizo of Hastings Middle School and Darrion House of Jones Middle School.