New and upgraded sports facilities will be installed in the new high school building.


When people picture something new they tend to imagine it as bigger and better. When it comes to the new high school there’s something for everyone, whether it’s the theatre or the new sports facilities. With the bigger space of the new high school there will be more room for things the old high school couldn’t have.

Athletic Director Tony Pusateri said, “They took all the square footage of everything that you student athletes had and they made sure they didn’t do anything smaller.”

Many of the most used athletic facilities will increase in size, from the swimming pool growing from nine lanes to eleven to the gym having four playing courts. With hopes of bringing better opportunities for student athletes from these new facilities comes a lot of appreciation for those who made it happen.

Pusateri expresssed gratitude.

“Our parents deserve so much for allowing this to happen and paying the taxes,” he said.

He also said he hopes that students will be proud of their new school.

With the move from this high school to the new high school, students will get to enjoy new things that they couldn’t now. The crew team has had to spend long practices in the hallways because they never had a specific practice place. Now with the transfer over to the new high school, they will be provided with their own practice room.

“I feel really excited about the new high school, because of the new facility we’re going to have for the crew team, and we’re finally going to have our own space to train instead of training in the lobby,” junior Ethan Skinner said.

Along with the crew team having their own practice room, Pusateri confirmed that the swim and water polo teams will have their own space as well.

Freshman waterpolo athlete Andrew Rucker shared his excitement for the new schools opportunities for him and his team. With two more lanes than the old pool, Rucker is mostly looking forward to having more people swimming in heats.

When it comes to outside fields, a lot is being done for them as well. The track and football field have already been redone.

“That might even be a better track than Ohio State has,” Pusateri said.

He also stated that once the old high school is torn down, in its place will be brand new baseball and softball fields. To add to that, two practice fields are being built by Ridgeview and Brandon Road. The practice fields, softball and baseball stadiums will be built as soon as possible.

Freshman Khera North said she is excited for the new practice fields.

“For field hockey, we always had to worry about whether or not we’ll have the field to ourselves,” she said.

An old hoop: The old basketball nets hang in the gym of the current building. The current building will be demolished this summer.

With the new practice fields more student athletes will be able to practice at better times and more teams can practice all at once by offering more consistent places to practice.

With the new facilities, better opportunities will come for each and every one of the high school’s student athletes, whether it’s being able to better train with the new training room equipment or being able to practice earlier. Almost every sport will now have at least two different places to practice.

For some students it’s harder to get to a later practice than it would be to go after school. Coaches have expressed worry that if practices are later, athletes may not be able to attend them.

Girls’ basketball coach Karli Burkett said she’s looking forward to the new gym the most. She believes that with a bigger gym more people can practice in it at the same time, providing better practice times for players.

Moving to the new school, students will be transferring over their athletic abilities and improving them with the new facilities.

“Our student athletes for the next 20 years are going to have the best place around,” Pusateri said.