Lashish the Greek is located on 788 Bethel Road in the Olentangy Square. It is is a traditional Greek restaurant with a menu compiled of authentic Greek dishes. The interior design was very welcoming, with cushions and pillows laid on the few tables inside. The restaurant was silent with the exception of a few customers’ conversations. I noticed most of the customers ordered takeout.

Lashish required me to climb out of my comfort zone. Not only did I have to look up most of the dishes, but I also had a hard time pronouncing most of the Greek words! I had no idea what flavors or textures to expect so I made sure to order a variety of dishes. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to try a new food from a culture I’m not as familiar with.

Spanakopita is a light, flakey and crunchy appetizer filled with spinach and topped with feta cheese. The dough is unlike anything I’ve ever had. It was lighter than paper and so delicate that it crumbled onto my plate with each bite. The crust had a crunchy flake that contrasted the spinach stuffed inside.

Falafel is one of my favorite Mediterranean foods, so I could not resist giving Lashish’s a try. I was not disappointed; the deep-fried layer outside the ground chickpeas was satisfying. The green goddess sauce added a sweet flavor to the falafel as well. Falafel can be an excellent alternative to meat inside a gyro or dish too.

The Moussaka resembled a meatloaf topped with potatoes: a Greek meatloaf. The ground beef topped eggplant with a touch of red sauce and feta cheese was a filling and satisfying dish. The slow-cooked ground beef and vegetables were a warm and soothing base.

Dolmadakia consisted of four grape leaves wrapped around rice, topped with a lemon sauce. Although grape leaves may not look appetizing, they were a very unique wrap with little flavor and texture. The lemon sauce was the star of the dish, as it was sweet and a bit tangy. I found myself dipping my other food in the leftover sauce.

Lashish introduced my taste buds to unique and distinct flavors I have never experienced before. I was satisfied with the food I ordered, yet so curious to try more on the menu. When I visit Lashish again, I will likely order both something familiar and something new. This makes Lashish the first restaurant to be Lou Approved.