Zoey Whitmeyer ’10

On May 1, boys in tuxedos and girls in their best dresses traveled to downtown Columbus for Prom 2010. The newly remodeled Columbus Convention Center was the new venue and the Convention Center provided dinner for the students by ARAMARK catering company.

The change in food received positive reviews from many students, including senior Beni Benalcazar, who said he enjoyed prom and gave the event eight and a half stars out of 10 for the improved food.

“The food [at prom] was better this year,” Benalcazar said. “I personally liked the steak.”

Senior Olivia Von Lembcke also said the food had improved from previous years.

“The food was excellent. I also really liked the way it was a buffet. Last year, there were waiters that served us and the service was poor. The dessert [this year] was so amazing,” Von Lembcke said. “I loved the cheesecake.”

Not all students were pleased with the dinner, however. Senior David Kuhar said he was unhappy with the food’s temperature.

“I ate cold chicken,” Kuhar said. “I was upset.”

The venue itself was also a hot topic for critique. Kuhar said the venue lived up to his expectations.

“The facility was very nice,” Kuhar said. “The lights on the ceiling set the scene and made for a nice night.”

Benalcazar liked the downtown Columbus location for prom.

“Overlooking the city was especially nice,” Benalcazar said. “The dance floor was right by those huge windows and you could see the city lights.”

On the other hand, Von Lembcke said she enjoyed the outside environment of last year’s prom at COSI more than this year’s inside facility.

“I liked the set-up. I just wish we could have danced outside,” Von Lembcke said. “Then again, it was raining. That would have been a nightmare.”

Junior Allie Dosmann said she thought highly of her first prom experience this year, but did not enjoy the DJ because of the older music that was played.

“I really liked it. It was a beautiful spot,” Dosmann said. “The DJ was the only downfall of prom. He left much room for improvement [newer songs].”

Von Lembcke shared similar sentiments and said she prefers more recent rap music to the oldies.

“The DJ was interesting… I danced like no other kid [has] danced at prom before,” Von Lembcke said. “But I felt like I was a kid in the ’70s because the music was so old.”

Von Lembcke said overall the dance was a success and the prom committee deserves credit for pulling it all off.

“To organize a dance for over 300 students is hard work and the prom committee did an outstanding job,” Von Lembcke said. “I applaud them!”