How the changes we experience make us who we are.


Change is inevitable. We all make small changes to our lives every single day whether it’s taking a new staircase to a class, eating something new at lunch or listening to a new song in the car. 

Our lives have changed immensely in the last two years. We all wear different clothes, watch new tv shows and we’ve experienced a pandemic. 

As we enter this new, unprecedented year in a new school, there’s many changes that we will be experiencing and expected to adapt to. Everyone has different reactions to change: some people accept it and adjust without hesitation, while others back down and are scared. 

The middle school health class experience is changing. New laws are being passed. New clubs at UAHS are being created New music is coming out every month. Change is an everlasting part of humanity and we experience it all throughout our lives. Every person we encounter in a day or a week is experiencing some sort of change. Health class is a big part of the middle school experience, and the switch in curriculum causes all sorts of changes in the lives of the students, teachers and parents. Laws that will forever change people’s lives are being put into action. The changes we experience shape us to be who we are and teach us how to  deal with the problems and obstacles that we encounter. 

The changes we are experiencing now will soon be the changes we are used to. We used to not be accustomed to wearing masks or distancing ourselves, but now, it’s our normal. Even though those changes didn’t come easy, we are slowly evolving our lives to fit them. 

The seasons are also changing. We go from hot, summer days to chilly, fall mornings in an instant, and we switch up our activities, clothes, what we eat and drink for those time periods. Our lives are constantly changing and in motion. We can make decisions on how we want to approach those changes and what we learn and take from them.