Seniors find creative ways to express themselves through their senior photos.

By Sophia Hudson, ’22 and Elena Fernandez, ’23.

The glorious year the senior class has been counting down to for twelve years has arrived; class of 2022, it’s time to shine. Although the school year has just started, the rush to the finish line has already begun.

In today’s world, creativity has no limits, and senior photos are no exception. Members of the class of 2022 have already taken part in photo sessions throughout the summer and fall in hopes of finding that perfect shot to use for #seniorsunday.

In years past, there seems to be a mold that many students follow in regards to locations, outfits and
even poses. However, when flipping through the Norwester, a new wave
of expression and originality fill each page. Senior Ava Riley spoke regarding her recent photoshoot with Peter’s Photography.

“I wasn’t really nervous, but I was super excited to have my pictures done… I definitely had a vision of how I wanted them [the pictures] to look, and I really feel like it came to life,” Riley said. Riley was inspired by Kylie Jenner’s 2020 photoshoot featuring the celebrity in head-to-toe red-colored clothing against the same colored background.

“I felt that it was unique but still classic enough that I wont hate it in ten years,” Riley said.

Local photographer, Meghan Mcguire of Oh Miss Meghan Photography, agreed with this statement, explaining her own senior pictures as a UA class of 2014 alumni.

“I look back at my pictures and totally cringe. I wore this red, white and blue outfit…it was just way too much, so 4th of July,” Mcguire said.

Mcguire’s goal when taking photos is to have “no regrets” which typically means classic colors, neutrals and potentially avoiding crazy patterned clothing to ensure a timeless look.“Of course you want the photo to show who you are and give a glimpse into what you love and value… So it
is always good to have a variety of these classic pictures but also ones that portray who you are in this season of life,” Mcguire said.

Although senior pictures can be exciting, there are students who dread getting their photos done for fear that they won’t find the right shot. To relieve additional stress, many photographers have in depth instructions that they may send before the session, including what to expect the day of the shoot. Riley said her experience with Peter’s Photography was “easy, quick, and fun” from the initial meeting discussing her ideas, to the two hour session and the meeting a few weeks later to decide which photos were the ones. “Everyone was super supportive, all…I just talked about what I liked, and the photographers made it happen,” Riley said.

Although Norwester does recommend a typical headshot style photo for the senior class photos, creative pictures are encouraged for the “Creative Seniors” section of the yearbook. Over the past year, the number of submitted creative photos have decreased, and the number of self- photographed pictures have increased.

For UA graduate Mackenzie Haines, her iPhone 12 was the perfect option when it came time to take her senior photos.

“We didn’t feel like we needed to hire anyone anyway; I know my phone takes really great pictures, and
I loved the idea of being able to do what I wanted to do without feeling uncomfortable in front of someone I don’t know,” Haines said.“My sister and I spent a few days together throughout the school year taking them, and we saved a ton of money, plus because phone cameras are so advanced now that there isn’t a difference in my photos or anyone else’s… I really loved how they turned out.”

Regardless of which option members of the class of 2022 may take, senior pictures are a wonderful opportunity
to showcase personalities and personal interests, becoming something to look back on for years to come.