Columnist discusses some of her favorite scary movies to get you in the Halloween spirit. 


It is now October, which means that fall is in full swing. Time for your favorite cold-weather recipes, cozy outfits, colorful red, yellow and orange decorations—and of course, Halloween festivities. Similar to most people, when I think of October, it is difficult to not think of Halloween. One of my favorite ways to get into the Halloween spirit is to watch scary movies, and here are a few of my favorites. 


The movie “Lights Out” follows the lives of a family, and it features a mysterious and vengeful monster that can only strike when the lights are out. The monster burdens the lives of all of the characters in the film, mainly by controlling the children’s mother. Throughout the movie, the characters must not only decide how to stop the monster but also decide if stopping the monster is even worth it. For all of “Lights Out,” I was on the edge of my seat. Despite the plot being seemingly simple, I enjoyed the movie because it offered great thrills with great acting. “Lights Out” is a great movie to get into the spooky spirit because it offers numerous jump scares and frightening monsters without including too much gore or disturbing material.


The movie “A Quiet Place” is held in a post-apocalyptic world taken over by blind monsters with an extremely strong sense of hearing. A family that lives in this world must work to survive in a silent life because if the monsters hear you, they hunt you. Even the quietest whisper or crunch of a leaf can bring the family death. I thoroughly enjoyed watching “A Quiet Place” because of the interesting plot and the terrifying thought of having to put myself in the characters’ situation. “A Quiet Place” is perfect for you if you enjoy the thrill of suspense or the thrill of fighting for survival.


The movie “Get Out” is multilayered. While containing comedic and light-hearted jump scares, “Get Out” also involves serious content, including racially motivated anxiety. “Get Out” shows the experiences of a man meeting his new girlfriend’s family for the first time. The acting in this film is amazing, and the artistic framework of the movie is exceptionally entertaining. This film is perfect if you enjoy watching plot twists, jump scares and real-world concepts. 

While these three scary movies are only a few of the many that are out there, I think each is a must-see. “Lights Out” offers constant tension and suspense. “A Quiet Place” offers an interesting and suspenseful plot. “Get Out” offers a creative and insightful view into real-world issues. All three of these movies provide different types of frights to add to your scary movie marathon night.