How girls cross country runner Fabi Corso has made an impact during her first season at UAHS.


It’s a sunny morning at the start line of the course. Fabi Corso, wearing her staple knee high socks, does a few jumps in place on the line. The gun shoots into the air; she takes off, and
the race begins. Corso is a sophomore cross country runner at Upper Arlington High School. This is Corso’s first year at Upper Arlington High School and first season with the school’s cross country team. Although she’s new to the high school, her passion for running has been increasing for years along with her speed.

Corso began running competitively at a young age and has always enjoyed it.

“I started running track when I was in fourth grade, and then I joined cross country in middle school,” she said. “I’ve definitely always really liked cross country and it’s always been my favorite sport.”

She transferred to Upper Arlington this year from Columbus School for Girls. She attributes cross country and the fact that she lives in Upper Arlington as reasons for her move.

“It’s really nice just to have a bigger team, and it’s UA, so it’s part of the community [I live in], so it’s been really nice,” Corso said.

Corso led her team throughout the regular season which has recently concluded; the girls are now in their postseason. The team placed 4th at the West Berlin meet where Corso set a new

personal record in the five kilometer run. “Overall I think the season has been

going really well for everyone; a lot of people have been PRing in the past few meets,” she said. “I was able to PR, so I ran an 18:55 last race.”

Corso enjoyed her time with her teammates during the season and created many friendships.

“So far this season has been really fun, and I think the team has bonded; we’re all really close with each other,” she said.

As the team continues in their postseason, Corso is enthusiastic about what’s to come.

“I’m really excited for our team to see everyone have good races, and I’m excited for some more team bonding. I also really hope to PR and drop some more seconds going into the postseason,” Corso said.

Following the postseason, Corso will continue to focus on improving as a runner.

“I played basketball in the winter last year, but this year I’m doing winter running, indoor track and running track in the spring,” she said.

With two seasons of high school cross country to come, Corso is open to the idea of running at a collegiate level.

“Right now I’ve just been focusing on high school and school and sports and everything, but if I got the opportunity, I would love to run in college,” Corso said.

Corso remains motivated through her team and works her hardest for her teammates.

“I would say my coaches and my team motivate me to run my best everyday. Cross country is a team sport, so I try to make sure I always give my best effort because I know everybody else is also giving their all,” Corso said.

She believes that performing to the best of your capabilities is what matters most in cross country.

“We have a saying on the team that one of my best friend’s said which is to ‘run your best today, with what you have today,’ so just trying your
hardest is what’s most
important,” Corso