As I drive to school, I can’t help but smile at the blooming trees that line both sides of Zollinger Road. Although we have endured a rollercoaster of weather patterns this month, including both torrential downpours and clear blue skies, the blooming plants around UA indicate that spring has, indeed, sprung. 

April is almost over, and many of us are bubbling with excitement over what May will bring. Within the walls of UAHS, seniors are buzzing about senior tag, guessing who is after them and planning their next moves, and many students are enduring state testing and/or preparing for AP/IB tests.

Although it is easy to get caught up in our own endeavors, I also challenge you to spend some time thinking about Ukraine. Our tests, activities, and free time are important, but the war in Ukraine gives us perspective about world issues impacting millions of people. Just like us, Ukrainian students were taking tests and playing with their friends before their country was invaded by Russian forces. Here in UA, we get to appreciate the flowers of springtime because our houses are not crumbling from Russian bombs. We get to eat dinner with our families and friends because we don’t need to flee to different countries. We get to learn about and question our government’s decisions because our media isn’t censored. 

Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself in the shoes of people an ocean away, experiencing the unthinkable tragedy of war. Even watching/reading/listening to the news about the conflict in Ukraine can be difficult. But it is wise to still take a moment to learn, discuss and empathize with the people of Ukraine.

A great way to support Ukrainians is to offer your time and money. UA for Ukraine, a new club at UAHS that organizes service projects and fundraisers to help Ukranians, is a great organization to get involved in or to simply support through a donation. You can read more about UA for Ukraine on page four.