The Community Center: construction, layout, and activities.


The Community Center located in the Kingsdale Shopping Center is expected to be finished by the fall of 2024. The facility is planned to have 5-7 floors, each containing numerous facilities for people of all ages, with designated areas for older adults and teens. 

Since 2018, the citizens of Upper Arlington have been asking for a Community Center, and now, with the help of both the city and the community, the construction of the new facility is underway. In a study done by the Community Center Feasibility Task Force, it was shown that 80% of the citizens supported the idea of a Community Center.

With the latest update from the City Council on June 13, 2022, the interior design of the building has been nearly completed with room for changes. The exterior design has also been narrowed down to two choices. However, the final designs have not been completed, so there may be changes in the future.

Currently, four out of five floors have been completed, including the lower parking area. These floors contain multiple facilities that can be used at any time. On the first floor, there will be a recreational swimming pool, with its own slide, along with a fitness center. The mezzanine on the first floor will contain more exercise facilities along with an upper balcony to view the swimming pool below.

The second floor will contain a senior center and an outdoor deck. There will be multiple breakout rooms and relaxation areas for those seeking a quiet place to relax or work. The outdoor deck is approximately 20 to 30 feet in the air, and will overlook Tremont Rd, making it a great place to get a nice view.

The third and fourth floors both contain gyms that can be used for basketball, soccer, tennis and more. There is also an area on the fourth floor where you can see the basketball courts below on the third floor. However, the main use of the fourth floor will be entertainment, as there will be an e-sports room, along with ping pong and pool tables.

Lastly, the fifth floor is going to be a place where people can go to get their work done. There is an open lounge area, along with catering. This floor also includes a small outdoor deck for those who want to work in a quiet and beautiful environment.

The Community Center will be built where the Lazarus-Macy’s building used to stand within the Kingsdale Shopping Center. As the Lazarus has not been used for around 6 years, the Kroger that had owned the store sold it to the UA council to be utilized for the construction of the facility. 

There will be a pass to access the community center; however, the price has not been determined yet. Pricing will depend on how much it will cost to keep the facility a safe and clean environment, so it may change over time.