This school year is the time to grow as students and unify as a community.


We’re back. Returning to homework, tests, clubs and sports after ten weeks of time to grow. Last year was the first year in a new building, with lots of new things to get used to. For current seniors, it was their first full year of high school. Current sophomores will be the first graduating class to have all four years in the new school. Lots obig changes, additions and improvements have happened this fall as well in order to make this school year the best it can be.

As a student body, there are thousands of differences between us. Everyone has a different aesthetic, music taste, favorite subject in school or amount of siblings. These differences can cause separation, but through patience, listening and the desire to self-educate, our differences can be what brings us together. What unites us as one student body. One school.

Arlingtonian is diverse in its students, too. It is made up of writers, photographers, graphic artists, business associates, editors, and more. Everyone has their speciality, what they’re on staff to improve and grow in. But when a writer sits down with a graphic artist to plan their graphics or an editor sits down and works with a writer step by step on their layout, it improves the culture as a whole. Although being in high school can feel like the most important thing in a student’s life right now, we have our entire lives in front of us. The education we are receiving in these four years is providing us with what we need to succeed later on, whether that be taking every honors science class offered, or every painting class, we all are working toward a common goal. We need to live in the moment now, taking in all that we can. We’re reminded every summer just how time flies, and the same will happen during the school year. Reminding ourselves that now is our time to grow, to make mistakes and learn from them, and harness the tools, characteristics and traits that will carry us into the future. Now is the time.