Issue 1 Editor’s Note (2022-23)

Maybe the pandemic warped my sense of time, but the summer seems to have flown by. Somewhere in the flurry of summer jobs, summer reading, summer vacationing and summer relaxing, the days slipped by: June gave way to July, July gave way to August, and before I knew it, the 17th was upon us and it was time to lug out my backpack and brace for a new school year.

As we collectively settle into this new year, rebuilding the routines we retired three months ago, I encourage you to allow Arlingtonian to be your guide. We aim, both as your classmates and as student journalists, to play a role in nurturing a connected and informed school culture and to spark dialogue in the classrooms and hallways (well, hallway) of UAHS. We hope that our publication can serve as a meeting place, a metaphorical town square, for the UAHS community — a space to learn, share, explore and discover.

So make yourself at home within the pages of this magazine. Write a letter to the editor. Come crash W1307 second period and pitch us your story ideas. Check out our website,, for stories just as engaging and hard-hitting as those printed in this physical issue. Follow us on social media — we have a presence on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and, for the first time, TikTok — and check out our podcast, The 3:05.

For now, though, enjoy this first print issue of the 2022-23 school year. Our staff has worked hard to produce timely and relevant coverage of the most newsworthy topics affecting UAHS students today. So whether you’re curious about the German exchange trip (check out page 4), or you simply want to know what’s up with Bear Connection (page 11 has got you covered), dig in.