Columnist shares experience of UAHS introduction

By Elise Murray ’12

On Aug. 25, the doors to UAHS opened for the first time this school year. Students rushed in, falling into what would soon become their daily routine. Little did I know that I was connected to a select group of these students by a single fact: We were new, not only to UAHS, but also to the community.

On my first day of school, I was not sure what to expect. I walked in with an air of uncertainty. My new life was about to begin, and I was not ready to let go of my old one.

Unlike some of the other new students,who are just new to the school system, Ohio itself is new to me, also. At the end of summer, I moved from Indiana—where I had attended high school at Franklin Central High School—and although UAHS and FCHS are alike in both size and population, they also have major differences.

At FCHS, things pertaining to school were much more strict. We had security cameras in the hallways, would not dream of leaving the cafeteria during lunch and our pants had to be past our knees. One of my biggest surprises in coming to UAHS was the trust the administration places in the students. They treat the students like adults, balancing leniency with discipline.

Another thing I enjoy about UAHS is the diversity in the course options. They offer many more elective options, from Learning to Play Guitar to American Sign Language. Also, many more advanced classes are available. At FCHS, we only had AP, not honors or International Baccalaureate. I appreciate the increased number of course options.

Even though both schools differ in many ways, I am looking forward to the many changes that will be made in my life in a new district. Everyone here is friendly, and complete strangers are willing to help when I have lost my way. I hope to make new friends and have lots of fun at UAHS. I am glad to be a new student here.

In my mind, no matter the location and size, the differences and similarities, all schools have the same core. It is a place where we learn and we socialize, a place where we meet new people and make lifelong connections. Although I miss my friends and the life I created back in Indiana, I am ready to face the future and become a part of the excitement of being a Golden Bear.