Being kind to others is something we all can do a little more.


Starting your day with kindness is priceless; it costs you nothing and is valuable to the person it goes towards. Starting with hello isn’t necessarily about the literal act of saying hello, but more the attitude of being altruistic. You should actively make an effort to speak to the person sitting next to you, ask people what they did over the weekend, what they are doing after school or if they understand what is being taught in class. Don’t do it expecting it to be reciprocated so you can brag about what you did; do it because talking with new people is genuinely rewarding, and you will learn about people and things you have never heard of before. It is also true that everyone likes to talk about themselves, even the most quiet kid has an accomplishment or something else they have been asking someone to ask about. Given the large size of our school, we can assure you that there are hundreds of people in your grade that you know nothing about beyond their name. When your teacher finishes lecturing, rather than pulling out your phone, strike up a conversation with somebody new. We challenge you to do this in each of your classes, use the minute or two at the beginning and end of each class and get to know someone who otherwise would have been in your peripheral vision as you stared at your phone.

Kindness isn’t only beneficial to the person who you are giving it to; it is beneficial to you too. It makes you feel good to know that you single handedly improved someone’s day. You will know that at the end of the day, you can say that you did at least one thing to better the world you inhabit.

All of this may sound high-minded, lofty, and idealistic, but is truly easy and simple. Nobody expects you to find a cure to all of our problems, but doing your part is something we all can and should do. Stand in a doorway for an extra second or two to hold the door, or if someone does it for you, be sure to thank them, say hello to people in the hallways, ask people how they are doing and please, please don’t cut people off in the parking lots, just don’t.