Columnist explores her love for winter, and why others should love it as well.


Winter is my favorite season. Yes, call me crazy. The question, “what’s your favorite sea-
son” always enlists the numerous responses of summer and fall being everyone’s favorites, and my
typical response of winter gets its own special reaction. It’s not only the chilly weather, but the endless stream of memories and nostalgia that winter brings that fills me with the most joy, ultimately making it my favorite season.

Being born in January already provides me with a special gift for bearing the cold, and I’ll never forget
the birthday eve nights I spent begging the earth to make it snow the next day. I’ve always associated snow with happiness, and felt uncomfortable in the sun. I’m Someone who becomes extremely irritated in the sun, another reason winter is important to me. A time to enjoy being in the cold, and all it brings. A lot of people complain about the endless layers of clothing, snow and ice in their lives during winter, making it their least favorite, however I find so much joy in bundling up, and marching out into the white, frozen world.

November, December and January have always been my favorite months. Something about the wind starting to get chillier, and the memories of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years bring so much hap-
piness into my life. I have many family traditions that make these winter weeks so fulfilling, and each year
they seem to grow more meaningful. Seeing my mom hang up the mini Santa’s along the stairs, or smell the fir as our fresh tree infiltrates the living room.

I also have an admiration for winter because I think it’s versatile. Some winter days I wanna stay in with a hot drink, and watch the snowfall while reading a book. And some winter days, I’m begging my friends and family to go sledding down a giant hill, destined for injuries. Being able to decide how I want to spend the perfect winter day makes it the most fun season as well. Most of my friends associate summer with the happiest memories of their lives, full of sunny days on the beach, no school, two blissful months filled with travel and no expectations or obligations. I understand the freedoms that summer brings, but to me winter always makes up for its activities and the happy memories I have in those months. Climbing on the giant snow piles in our driveway as a kid, getting the call in the middle of the night that we got a snow day and frosting cookies with my family to our favorite holiday music will always reign as the best times, not being on the beach or cooking outside.

Our favorite seasons showcase a lot about who we
are. Depending on the normal activities of that season, we can grasp what a person enjoys doing, and how they choose to spend their time. Some believe that summer people are more extroverted, and winter people more introverted. Others think of winter as a saving grace period, to reflect on the restless summer and fall, before the calm and serene winter months.

Seasons play a part in depression, and how mental calendars operate as well. Seasonal depression for most, comes into play during the winter, and I feel the opposite. I can feel depressed in the summer, and my happiest in the winter. We all experience different feelings, memories and nostalgia during certain seasons, and for me, winter provides the perfect mix of weather, emotions, and activities to fulfill how I want to live my life, making it truly the most wonderful time of the year.