Columnist shares her favorite plans for the winter season.


Winter has always had a special place in my heart, as it holds some of my favorite memories of my birthday and celebrating with family, as well as the hard-earned relaxation of winter break. During winter break, I always find myself making a “checklist” of things that I want to do, or accomplish before it’s over. I am never quite able to meet all of my expectations, as it’s hard to narrow down such a huge list. However, it took me some time, but I think I compiled a simple easy-to-do list for this winter season.

“Little Women” is a classic known to most. While I have yet to read the book and believe me, I shame myself for that, I think that the 2019 film version directed by Greta Gerwig is a pretty good contender. While “Little Women” is not exactly a holiday movie, it still manages to hit all the same heartfelt spots that my favorite holiday movies do. With overarching themes of loss, love and the importance of family, “Little Women” ties together many different interests. To summarize, the film surrounds a family of four daughters living after the Civil War, and how their lives change as they grow up and find their place in the world. It’s a great film to watch at any time; I’ve probably watched it a dozen times this year already, and it creates the perfect winter, cozy ambience.

“The Secret History” by Donna Tartt has been on my “to-be-read” section of Goodreads for a while now. From what I had heard, it’s a perfect “winter” read, and so as soon as the temperature started to drop, I made my way to the library and checked the book out. My expectations were high, as Tartt is known for being an exceptional writer and has even won Pulitzer prizes for her work. I would absolutely say that my expectations were met; I was captivated from the first sentence. The story takes place at a prestigious New England college where a group of eclectic individuals, under the rule of their enthralling professor, discover new ways of learning and living. The book offers powerful descriptive imagery that lure the reader in, as well as shocking twists.

As for good, cozy winter restaurants, The Fox in the Snow offers great pastries, drinks and a warm place to study. My personal favorites there are the chai, or even a coffee with peppermint syrup, and the cinnamon roll is always delicious. It is located in two places in Columbus, one in the Italian village and one in German village. In either of these locations, you can get some holiday shopping done while enjoying a tasty treat.

Every year, my family and I drive around looking at holiday lights. Already this season, I’ve seen two places in Columbus that have beautiful lights: The Columbus Commons, and the Franklin Park Conservatory. The Columbus Commons features six acres of grassy space, as well as gardens, a carousel, performers and interactive equipment. The Franklin Park Conservatory, while still having exhibitions inside, highlights an array of holiday lights outside. I had a tremendous time at both of these places; they were both different and had varying things to do at each. And while I was quite cold, they both provided warm hot chocolate and I argue that the cold was definitely worth it.