A look into the artists and albums releasing at the beginning of 2023


Music helps people feel any emotion, music videos bring a visual of our favorite songs, and the art-
ists that create them make people feel seen and appreciated. Waiting for new music from an artist can be exhausting, but thankfully there are four popular musicians bringing a new tune to 2023.

Miley Cyrus

Former child actress and musician Miley Cyrus has announced her new album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” which is set to come out March 10. This will be Cyrus’s 11th album. The lead single off the album, “Flowers,” was released Jan. 13, along with a music video. The single has a rock feel, with pop elements as well. Cyrus has proved to be a versatile artist, with her albums ranging from country and
folk to full rock, and she has performed covers of songs by Dolly Parton, Blondie, Frank Sinatra, Metallica and David Bowie. Cyrus’s last album came out in 2022, and the world is eager to hear more.

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s highly anticipated tenth studio album, “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Un-
der Ocean Blvd,” is coming out March 24. Del Rey has gained a following through her soft voice and
sweeping ballads. The last album she released was in 2021, titled “Blue Banisters.” The new album was set to release March 10, but was then pushed back two weeks to the 24th. The album has been produced and co-written with Drew Erickson, Zach Dawes and Jack Antonoff, all of whom have previously worked with Del Rey on her other albums. Many fans are excited to hear her new music, as one never quite know what to expect from her.


Iconic heavy metal band Metallica is set to release their 12th studio album, “72 Seasons,” on April 14 this year. “72 Seasons” has 12 tracks and clocks in at 77 minutes long. The group’s first album came out
in 1983, and their most recent was in 2020. Listeners of all ages, fans new and old, are excited to hear what the band has coming out. With the album announcement came a two-year tour as well, starting in Amsterdam in April of this year and ending September, 2024, in Mexico City. The tour will play two shows in each city, and a portion of ticket sales will go towards their foundation, which has raised $13 million so far. $5.9 million has gone to grants in career and technical education programs in the US, $2.5 million to food insecurity and more than $3.2 million to disaster relief efforts. Metallica has proved their longevity in the music industry, and there’s no indication they’ll stop growing any time soon.


Paramore has also announced a new album, coming to listeners Feb. 10. The album, titled
“This Is Why,” is the rock group’s sixth studio album, and their first al-
bum in six years. The album will consist of 10 songs, and Paramore is set to go on a four-
year tour beginning on Oct. 2 in California, which will include festivals like Austin City Limits and
When We Were Young. The band is also donating portions of their ticket sales to several organizations,
like Kansas Abortion Funds, Shelter Safe Canada and Support and Feed.