Versatile fall fashions provide students with accessible, yet chic style options. From cozy sweaters to waterproof boots, this season is all about clean lines and comfort

By Alison Gilbert ’11


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1. Chunky Knits

A wardrobe staple for ladies this fall, this trend utilizes coziness and class. Knit pieces are as practical as they are fashionable. A chunky knit sweater or dress is easily paired with leggings or jeans. Bigger is better, size wise, and antique patterns are ideal when working this style.

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2. Leather Jacket

Perfect for cool fall evenings, a leather jacket is both fashionable and functional. Pair it with a wispy top, jeans and boots for day or a cocktail dress, dark tights and metallic jewelry for night. This look is gender neutral and delivers the perfect touch for any fall ensemble.

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3. Duck Boots

Great for fall’s rainy days, this style provides the practicality of rain boots without the bulk. Girls, think quick, casual and relaxed with leggings and an oversized sweater . Guys, throw                                    these classic boots with jeans and you are set for any type of weather. Duck-boots are sure to keep your feet warm, dry and stylish.


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4. Saddlebag

Ditch last season’s clutch for fall’s favorite accessory: the saddlebag. A great complement to many of this season’s comfy-chic trends, the saddlebag puts a utilitarian-flavored twist on the                            classic handbag. Matched with a floaty, floral dress or boat-striped tee, this style creates an air of effortless ease.