By Kristy Helscel, ’11 & Elise Murray ’12

Though the name itself implies thoughtful pranks and good-hearted mischief, the Tremont Center’s annual breakfast is no joking matter. On Saturday, April 16, the Tremont Center will show its appreciation to the community during the 58th annual Tremont Center April Fools Celebration, which will take place in the parking lot of the center. According the Huffman’s Market owner Tim Huffman, a free waffle breakfast will be held from 8 to 11 a.m.

“The celebration is a way to say thank you to the community and also to get everyone together,” Huffman said.

Not only is the event a chance for local businesses to give thanks to the community, but likewise. Senior Mitch White, who has been to the celebration several times, enjoys meeting the business owners.

“It’s important to thank them profusely because they’re taking their time to benefit the community,” White said. “For them to choose to do this, it really reflects positively on their character.”

Following the breakfast, a carnival with entertainment for the whole family will occur from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. According to site manager Steve Hess, despite the new addition to the Tremont Center Celebration, the breakfast will remain the same.

“We will still have the breakfast this year, waffles, sausage, doughnut holes, milk, coffee etc. We always have Mr. Huffman ‘performing’ for the crowd. In addition, we hope to have the cows again, one of the local mascots (to be determined) and hopefully an OSU player,” Hess said. “With the mascots and players, we sometimes don’t know until the last minute who will be there.”

The Tremont Center is home to 23 merchants and all participate in the event, Huffman said.

“All 23 merchants are involved in one way or the other,” Huffman said. “Even if they don’t come and participate, they put in money.”

As the celebration is entering its 58th year, many UA residents have special memories of the event, including White.

“Without a doubt my favorite thing is the fact that you’ll see so many people there that you know,” White said. “I think the April Fools breakfast is an awesome way to create some unity within our community, and so it’s cool to see that a good part of UA attends.”

This year will be Huffman’s 26th year participating in the event; performing is without a doubt his favorite part.

“I enjoy harassing and picking on everyone in the lines,” he said. “That is definitely something everybody can look forward to.” •Tim Huffman performs for the community at the 2010 April Fools Day Celebration. Huffman said he is looking forward to dressing up again for this year. Photo courtesy Margherita Finelli