By Olivia Miltner, ´13

It is often wondered why some people have better luck than others when asking a girl to prom. Some may think the answer lies in looks, others think it is determined by social standing, but when it comes down to the wire, one thing many people value as important is creativity.

Junior Korey Black is a supporter of this idea and shared his opinions on why he thinks the way the question is asked is essential.

“It’s important for guys to show class,” Black said. “They shouldn’t think girls will be like ‘Oh yeah, sure’ if they don’t think about it. They need to put some meaning behind it and show they care.”

Asking your dream date prom does not have to involve chocolates and roses, but when time and effort invested, it shows the intentions are honest and heartfelt.

Senior Lauren Vidmar said she would want a boy to think about how they asked her to go with him.

“I would want to know he really meant it. The more creative, the better,” she said.

Although Black has not decided how he will ask his date, he has a few ideas.

“Maybe at the next assembly I’ll put a hang-glider in the box in the balcony, hang-glide onto the stage and ask her to Prom,” Black said.

Sophomore Stephanie Small said her brother thought of a creative way to ask his girlfriend to prom.

“He had her called down to the office during school one day, and she thought she was in trouble,” Small said. “But he ended up giving her a pleasant surprise.”

Junior Annie Jennings described a friend who found a unique way of asking her date to a dance.

“Last year one of my friends, to ask her boyfriend to Winter, gave a balloon to one of his friends in each class, and then he’d pop them and by the end of the day he’d have a word scramble of W-I-N-T-E-R,” Jennings said.

The possibilities of asking someone on a date are endless, though they are seemingly different, underneath them all should be an understanding that a little thought, creativity and planning goes a long way. •