By: Emma Klebe

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Tuesday: I inhale my dinner, rush to take a shower and skip steps down my stairway to make it to the TV at 8 pm on the dot.  Favorite time of the week has begun. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favorite days for one reason; my favorite shows (Glee and Greys Anatomy) are playing.  I know my life probably seems incredibly boring if these are my favorite times of the week, but as sad as it is, those shows are what I look forward to!  Though lately, I sit down and press the remote, expecting to see a new Glee episode, only to find a rerun of an episode from three months ago.  My favorite part of the week is suddenly gone and I’m left forced to study Spanish with my dad for the rest of the night.  If only television series could consistently air new episodes then maybe I wouldn’t get my hopes up for my one hour of excitement only to find myself practicing irregular verb forms instead.

Just last week I was plopping down on my couch, giddying with excitement because I was finally going to find out if Rachel and Finn were getting back together on the new Glee episode.  I begin watching; thinking this re-mixed show tune seems vaguely familiar.  But not until about 10 minutes into the show do I realize I have already seen this episode!  Great, now I have to wait another entire week to find out if the couple will get back together or hear a new humorous Brittney remark.  By the time next Tuesday rolls around it has been a long two weeks since I’ve seen the newest episode.  Bits and pieces of the latest show has already slipped my mind.  I all of a sudden feel old because I can’t remember anything!  When television series don’t show new episodes each week this is what happens, I feel like my poor grandma when she can’t remember where the butter is.  It is time for television series to be consistent with their new weekly episodes for once.  It is time for addicted watchers like me to stop being disappointed and be able to watch the episodes they look forward to!