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My aunt is from nature notoriously curious. If she can’t answer a question or doesn’t know a logical explanation for something, she doesn’t rest until she found the necessary information: Her house is full of dictionaries, encyclopedias and other books of that sort, to just say the least. Luckily technology has given her a new faster and even smarter way to satisfy her curiosity – May I present? The search engine; Google, her best friend. The term “Just ask Google.” now is as common as “Could you please pass me the salt, dear?”
But long since has Google extended its range. What started out as a ‘simple’ search engine is now an Internet empire including email, maps, a translator, in short there is nearly everything one could possibly want to search for to be found.
Especially tempting for us students – Google Translator. It could be so easy one would just type in a sentence, word or expression and Google would translate it for you. But beware, often times the translator isn’t reliable. Sentences will be translated word by word and therefore turn into such a hodgepodge that not even a native could understand what one is trying to say. Sometimes it’ll even miss-translate single words, since many have more than one meaning. In short Google Translator is the worst nightmare of a global language teacher. Reliable dictionaries are recommended if you want to receive a good grade on your paper.

Concerning search engines themselves though Google is certainly far ahead of the others. Yahoo, Bing and others can’t seem to catch up with the racing speed of Google’s further development (Even though Bing’s users are increasing). The Significance of Google in everyday life is increasing daily – Google Translator is used instead of a common dictionary, research does not work without the search engine and Google Street View lets us even see our houses from 6000 km away. Which is kind of scary, because who knows who just spied on your house just this minute. The debate about whether or whether not we should allow our houses to be viewed online. But what both sides forgot in this discussion was the question really is, do we actually need to have Google Street View if it is that controversial? It would just increase Google’s significance in our lives. People would spent more time on using the computer than maybe going to the library or archives to get there research done. Google would more and more take the place of whole branches of our economy. Should we really let this control our lives and let it have this great importance in our lives. The answer is no! Using Google in appropriate amounts is reasonable and helpful, but we should also not forget to recognize other ways of researching. And seriously, do you really want everybody to be able to view your house online at any moment?