By Abby Godard

It’s 4th quarter of your senior year. Capstone projects are complete and exams are no longer apart of your agenda. By now, you’re probably suffering from a severe case of senioritis and all you can do is strategize ways to take out your opponents in senior tag. For the past four years, you have been looking forward to this final year of high school and now that it has arrived, life could not be moving any faster.

As you look to the future, a bittersweet feeling sits in your stomach. The thought of not seeing your friends who you’ve built a relationship with for as long as you can remember scares you, but the idea of starting new sounds refreshing. Whether you’re heading straight for the world of work or going off to college, a clean slate follows you in your tracks. Everything has a fresh start and from here on out, life is what you make it. Today marks the era of opportunity and endless adventure. Sayonara curfews and goodbye homework! Your decisions define who you are and you have the power to decide your own future.

If your life was a story, many would argue that this day is the first day of the rest of your life. Here your dreams can become realities and could potentially change the world. Our generation one day will lead the nation and what’s better than starting now?

The next time you may ever see your fellow classmates again could be at the famous ten-year reunion. In the land of opportunity, what will you be remembered for? A lot can happen in a decade. Will the high school sweethearts finally elope? Will the valedictorian find the cure to cancer like she’d always imagined? Is the star quarterback soaking up his glory days, now unrecognizable and wishing he were still running the school?

As you continue to ponder about what the future has in store for you and your fellow classmates, ask you yourself this one question: What will you be remembered for?