Photo by Hannah Harper

Spirit Club unites student body by supporting classmates in extra curricular activities

By Abby Godard

As Kendall Glasser approached her senior year, she was finally able to take a leadership role in the community and revamp a once “strictly senior” organization into a school-wide club. Her plan was to unite the student body in a way that has, in the past, been lacking in the golden bears fan base. She wanted to not only create a club that supported Upper Arlington’s dozens of state champion-worthy sporting teams, but the renowned UA Marching Band and cheerleaders as well. Glasser did just that by creating a student-led alliance, called Spirit Club.

“I wanted to get everyone in the school involved in supporting their peers,” Glasser said. “I think it makes the sports teams more excited to see everyone cheering and [Spirit Club] makes the sporting events more enjoyable for the fans.”

Proven successful in the school’s first and most popular athletic season, Glasser’s team created weekly themes for the student body to participate in during Friday night football games. Ranging from the crowd favorite Jungle theme to the classic blackout, each theme was thoroughly represented in the student section throughout all grades.

Glasser knew her goal of creating a supportive fan-base for the UAHS athletic events was achieved each time she saw the student body’s visible participation in the student section.

“My favorite part [of Spirit Club] is definitely seeing everyone’s spirit in the crowd at Friday night football games,” she said.

Spirit Club’s popularity was not only recognized by Glasser, but Principal Greenhill as well.

“Without a doubt, I have seen more spirit and energy in our crowds this year than any other year I have been a principal or a coach,” Greenhill says. “This is a credit to the Spirit Club, our cheerleaders, band and most of all a senior class that is setting a tone of supporting their classmates in all sports.”

But such dedication is not limited to the fall season; this is just the beginning for the organization whose presence will live on long after senior Kendall Glasser’s graduation. Junior Amy Henry commented on how she predicts Spirit Club will impact the high school’s student section for the upcoming years.

“[Spirit Club] will have a lasting effect on the grades to come because they have set such high standards and everyone’s going to definitely continue Spirit Club in future years,” Henry said. “I think that Spirit Club’s weekly themes in general really show the student body’s support of UAHS athletics.”

Now that the fall season is over, Glasser and her fellow Spirit Club members are already discussing themes for winter athletics.

“We’re going to try and raise the fan base for other winter sports like hockey and wrestling,” Glasser said. “I think that everyone is especially looking forward to basketball games this winter.”

According to Glasser, Spirit Club meets every Wednesday in room 155 and welcomes students of all grades, especially underclassmen. They also have a Facebook page where weekly poles are taken to ensure that the entire student body has a say in each theme.