Going to prom is an activity that should be on every high school male’s bucket list. Their only obstacle is getting a girl to go with them. While this tricky and delicate task has caused many to run and hide, there are those, the few and the proud, who have conquered this mountain and basked in its greatness.

By Davey Strahm, ’13

To successfully begin this process, remember that the crazier you get the more effective you are. Simply jump on the net. There are a thousand stories out there.
The biggest mistake that guys will make is completely over-thinking their approach. Follow the three Cs of and you will be ok.
Cool: Don’t be a spaz.
Calm: Don’t be all fidgety. Just take a deep breath and collect yourself.
Confident: Carry yourself like you know what you are doing. If it helps, practice in the mirror the night before. And never, by any means, tell her that you are nervous!

Another key aspect of the approach is knowing what to say once you have started. Practicing can help here. Even if the first thing out of your mouth is some cheesy pick-up line, it’s better than walking up to her and looking down at your feet.

The worst thing you can do is be someone you’re not. Not only can it be embarrassing, but as soon as she finds out you were lying to her it will hurt her and she will break off the date.
The main concern of most guys is that the girl will say no. And this might happen. There are steps that can be taken to ensure that it is not embarrassing. The first step is to stick to the three C’s. Show her that you can take it like a man. That is crucial. Even if she gives the cliche, “Not even if you were the last guy on Earth”, simply accept her decision and walk away.

The second step that a guy must take in the event of a no is to never make an excuse. Nothing is more insulting to a girl than telling her you asked her because you lost a bet. Simply say something like, “I hope we can still be friends” and move on. This will save your dignity and is a clear sign of maturity. Along with the three C’s, remember that creativity, or lack thereof, can be the difference-maker.

If you are not creative enough to come up with your own ideas, here is a suggestion.
Ice Chunk Method: This is a classic and inventive way to ask a girl without having to confront her and at the same time making her go crazy thinking about you. Literally. How to: Fill up a plastic container with water. Write a note with a creative phrase like “Now that I have broken the ice, will you go to prom with me?” and place it in the water. Put the container in the freezer. When it’s frozen give it to her and tell her to wait until it melts. If she is patient enough to do so, or if the pressure gets to her and she breaks it, she will get the note. Abra-Kadabra, you have yourself a date.

So break out that bucket list and cross this off. Now that you know the secret it is time for you to put them to use.