Prom is a night to remember, but deciding what to wear can be a bit challenging.  Take a look at how the trend of detailing is dominating prom fashion.

by karihighman ’13

A Place For The Lace

The detailing makes a difference to junior Aimee Somerville. “If I was buying a dress, I would pay attention to details. I think it’s the little details that make a dress ‘the dress.’” This gold dress includes a variety of details, such as embroidery and beading, as well as a concentration of lace on the bottom hem and skirt.


The Luck of the Floral

Floral is cool according to junior Andrea Dodd. “I have seen some [dresses] with floral print. It’s usually all over the dress…also I have seen flower accents on the dress. Many other dresses have accents at the hip as well.” This dark green mini dress has a flower detail on the right hip.


The Gray Anatomy

The tux is a staple for guys. When given a color choice, sophomore Daniel Kington chose gray. This gray tux is a fashion forward trend for guys.


Colored Suit Affair

Senior Tony Copley said he’s going for color and pattern when it comes to tuxedos. This photo shows pinstripe detailing on jackets, as well as saturated colors for the vests.


Long & Lovely

Junior Amy Morley’s take on fashion is more “lengthy.” “In my opinion, prom is the dance that girls dream of one day attending. It is portrayed in movies as a classy, formal dance. I’m a bit disppointed that [in more recent years], girls have been wearing short dresses. To me, short dresses are for homecoming and you should definitely keep it classy with a full length dress for prom.” This polka-dot dress still has an element of detail, thanks to the pattern, but is also floor length.