By Patty Huntley, ’13

The requirement of new calculators for students taking a math class this year inspired IB Math Studies and AFT teacher Jim Kenny with an idea for a cause. Used calculators will be collected and sent to students in need. The organizers and students involved hope to get the drive started April 2 and end the drive April 13.

The plan is to leave boxes in each classroom for students to place their old calculators. As for where exactly they are going, the organizers of the drive have been communicating with aid groups in areas of New Orleans affected by Hurricane Katrina.

“Any schools or any families in need could use the calculators. We haven’t made the final decision on where yet, but we are also thinking about students in New Orleans who can’t afford them,” Kenny said.

During the summer, Kenny attended a conference about the new type of calculator.

“As I was getting ready to go, they give you a new calculator. I was getting my bag together and I already had two old calculators in there,” Kenny said. “It just kind of struck me that if we have everybody change to a new calculator we’re going to have a few thousand that people don’t need anymore.”

Since then, the project has been set in motion. One issue brought up within the group of organizers by senior McKenzie O’Connor was that there would not be enough calculators presented.

“I’m hoping we’re able to turn-up a good amount because I know very few people who use their old calculators,” O’Connor said. “The biggest challenge will be for people to remember to bring them in. If we can do that, we can collect a lot and help many students unable to afford there own.”

With the donation of used calculators, students from UAHS have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.