By Hannah Benjamin, ’13

With exams right around the corner, some students will not have to report to class at regular times. Students can sacrifice the extra sleep and dine out for breakfast. 

Although Columbus offers an overflow of breakfast and lunch establishments, some tend to become monotonous. Jack and Benny’s, a retro-styled diner owned by Genaro and Iggy Garcia, makes some of the best breakfast and lunch dishes in the city.

Jack and Benny’s menu focuses on American cuisine with a few Mexican dishes, such as Huevos Rancheros and the Chorizo Scramble. The prices are reasonable, ranging from $.40 for a side of extra cheese to $7.75 for the Arnold Omelet, which is filled with bacon, ham, potatoes, onions, peppers and mushrooms. Not only are the prices affordable for the delectable dishes, but the diner creates a nostalgic and alternative breakfast experience.
Dishes served at Jack and Benny’s are of colossal portions and are presented with appetizing side dishes, including your choice of toast. The omelets, various types of pancakes and burritos practically take over the plates and filled with fresh ingredients are cooked to perfection.
For $5.75 customers can get a huge three egg Apple and Swiss Omelet or a Three Cheese Omelet, both with toast. The Apple and Swiss Omelet creates the perfect mixture of aweer fresh fruit with thick Swiss.  The Three Cheese Omelet has great texture and uses the perfect amount of cheese to make the simple dish tasteful.

Another great plate is the Chorizo Scramble. This mixture of scrambled eggs, spicy sausage, fresh green peppers and tomatoes bursts with flavor. The spices add some flare to the eggs, while the fresh vegetables complement the savory flavors radiating throughout the mixture. All plates come steaming hot and take the customers’ taste buds on a rare journey.

Vintage images and decorations of Central Ohio memorabilia cover the walls. The decor ranges from the 1960 OSU Basketball team photo to a Fritz the Night Owl poster. The array of decorations in the diner have the ability to educate a young customer about Columbus’ past or take others on a trip down memory lane. 
This retro-styled diner offers an affordable and delicious experience. If the typical breakfast joints are getting old, try Jack and Benny’s.