As winter gradually recedes and the spring sunshine prevails, I have come to the shocking and somewhat bittersweet realization that my senior year is drawing to a close. With only two short months left, the sweet notion of summer vacation has become a verging reality. Yet, the Arlingtonian staff remains hard at work, completing our last four issues of the 75th-anniversary year. This past rotation in particular, the Journalism II students joined us to craft the Spring Supplement, an annual adjunct to Arlingtonian that is entirely devoted to Journalism II writing. I hope you enjoy the J-II stories as much as I have.

As I reflect upon this past year, I have discerned an emerging trend among our several of our stories: finding identity. High school is a pivotal moment in one’s life—a time in which one can explore the unchartered frontier of adulthood without tackling many of its demands and obligations. Within this transition into maturity, teenagers will face the potentially-daunting process of discovery: discovery of interests, of ideals, of talents, and discovery of the self. Previous Spotlight stories, such as Heroin in High School, Gay in UA, the current issue’s Spotlight, Embracing of Purity, and the Supplement feature, Are UA Hipster?, highlight UAHS students who are searching for or who have found their identity during the high school years, despite the prospect of adversity or social taboos.

While the staff of Arlingtonian will never take a position on the elicit behaviors, sexual orientation, or student ideologies addressed within the newsmagazine, I urge all readers to consider the significance of self-expression. A first glance may suggest a homogeneity within the UA student body, yet substantial diversity exists between the values, beliefs, interests and abilities of one individual to the next. More importantly, however, true distinction is found within the person who speaks his or her mind without fear of rejection or denouncement.

On a more pragmatic level, I encourage all readers to express themselves through their ideals and talents, as well as to share their opinions with us at, or

Happy reading!

Victoria Slater