Midway through the season, spring athletes demonstrate skill during practices, games

By Victoria Slater, ’12

Photo by Hannah Harper

Photos by Hannah Harper

Photo by Hannah Harper

Photo by Jacob Forquer

Photo by Hannah Harper

Photo by Hannah Harper

Athlete Insights

photo by Hannah Harper

Boys Volleyball

Senior Captain Michael Schroer

Q: Boys volleyball isn’t as well known as other sports. How are you going about changing that?

Schroer: We are really trying to get the word out via Kickin ‘ It Live and flyers around the school. Honestly, volleyball is a very fun sport and that’s what we want to communicate to people.

Q: What strategies has your team adopted to achieve victory?

Schroer: We need to have energy and play like the team we are. We just need to go out on the court with the confidence of a winning team.

Q: What are your goals for this season?

Schroer: This year we hope to be in the top half of the OCC which would be a real accomplishment if you look at the skill level and rank of schools like Darby and Bradley.

photo by Hannah Harper

Girls crew

Senior Captain Zoe Ribar

Q: What about crew makes it stand out from other sports?

Ribar: You probably have no idea that the true power of a boat comes from your legs, not your arms, and that in a weird way spandex unisuits are a normalcy. Crew is great because you know that not just anybody can do what you do. There’s a real sense of accomplishment in that.

Q: What are the strengths of this year’s team?

Ribar: Our biggest strength is in each other. It’s a team sport after all, and being able to play on that connection as well as the time we’ve spent together will give us an advantage over other teams.

Q: What do you enjoy about being a captain?

Ribar: A captain is the real embodiment of who a team is and what they stand for. They are who everyone may hope to be and are who each teammate can look to for direction.