by Natasha Ringnalda


Reality television has changed a lot from the past. What used to be Tough Love or Laguna Beach is now Mob Wives or Tila Tequila. Reality television in the past used to be all about either people talking about boyfriends and friends or about people trying to better themselves. But now, it’s all about trashy women yelling and screaming at each other and disgusting girls coming out about their sexuality and trying to get “a shot of love.”

Relationships in reality television shows have changed the most dramatically, from respectable people having a relationship with someone they actually care for, to men or women going on TV who bring a bunch of guys or girls, hook up with just about all of them, and tell the last person standing on the show that they “love” them.

Yet, on top of screaming women, you also have rude children that scream about the way they look, cough, Toddlers in Tiaras or Dance Moms. I mean, what could be better than making your kids dance on national television? ‘Nothing’ is the answer on the television show that, while in-season, airs every Wednesday night. Okay, maybe nothing isn’t the right word in this instance. If you have seen this show, you know what I’m talking about. But if you love hearing a woman that in no way can dance herself teach little girls how to, this show is for you.

The show contains a full storyline that is well developed throughout the show. By full storyline I mean there is crying or yelling in just about every scene, and always a single mother who is yelling to someone about how her lovely daughter wasn’t on top of the “pyramid” this week. The pyramid is what every child in the Abby Lee’s Dance Studio wants to be on top of. It basically means that you were the best dancer the previous week.
To be blunt, there is no true point of each episodes of Dance Moms as well as most of the top aired reality television shows. Go watch an episode of Mob Wives and you will definitely see what i’m talking about.

The majority of the people who sit around and watch these shows are either gossip fanatics, simply have nothing better to do, or are avoiding homework. Quite frankly, another reason to sit and watch these shows would be a easy way to feel a lot better about yourself as a person, cause I can absolutely tell you that you are both more classy than the women on mob wives, trust me, it’s not that hard to out do those women.

I decided to take the plunge of death and watch a sneak peak episode for season two of Dance Moms, and within the first two minutes of watching, there has been a chair thrown, a little girl was sent away crying, a mother is yelling at the dance instructor. The only thing missing was the usual f-bomb that makes up reality television shows. I strongly suggest to the supervisors of these so called reality shows to go back to the way they used to be, respectful and truly enjoyable to watch.