As the countdown to summer ends, here are leading jobs for students during their time off

By Mattie Stevens, ’13


Caddies are ranked as the number one summer job according to Forbes magazine’s list. They spend the day in the sun getting a tan and make a wopping $16.67 per hour on average, over twice the federal minimum wage of $7.70 per hour. It may seem underrated, but the pay may persuade you to think otherwise. After an average game, that money can add up to $83.35, and more after a tournament. This job includes carrying a golfer’s bag, replacing divots, raking sand traps, cleaning golf balls, and a knowledge of the game is needed. A local golf course is Scioto Country Club. To apply, visit their website to fill out an application, or email them at


Lifeguarding is a job that students strive for, because it’s essentially everything many teens want in a job. You spend the day at the pool, and you get paid to do it! Of course, you must watch over swimmers and ensure their safety, and one must be a strong swimmer. The training includes swimming a lap, then swimming to the bottom of the 12 ft end to pick up a brick, and swimming back to the wall. Other requirements include swimming 12 laps and having CPR certification. Working as a lifeguard, one makes approximately $8.75 an hour. Local pools that hire are Scioto Country Club, Swim and Raquet Club, and the Upper Arlington City pools.


A common way to make some cash over the summer is to find a babysitting or nanny job. Many students choose this because there is often a mom looking for someone to care for her children while she is at work or running errands. Babysitting could include taking kids to the pool, going to the park, bike rides, making lunches, and more leisurely activities. While salary may vary from $5-$10 per hour depending on the family, when watching the kids for 5-8 hours a day, that can add up to $35-$70 per day, which means $175-$350 per week. To find a family, put yourself out there! Ask mom’s friends or make some fliers.


Local yogurt shops that seek student employees include Orange Leaf at Kingsdale or Cuzin’s at Lane Avenue Shopping Center. The job is ideal because the frozen yogurt and toppings are self-serve, so the main tasks of employees are to clean and ring up orders. Not to mention the fact that you can sample all the flavors! To apply at an Orange Leaf franchise in town, one must go in to fill out an application and go to an interview. For more information you can visit the website, To apply at Cuzzin’s you can visit a franchise near you to fill out an application.


If you are looking for something where there is little training required, mowing lawns or caring for someone’s lawn is a perfect match for you. There is always someone whose grass is too long but doesn’t have the time or ability to mow his or her own yard. Bring your lawn mower, mulch and hedge clippers. If many people seek out your services, you could start your own business. Start with elderly neighbors or families with many small children, and eventually your business may grow just as the grass does!