Staff editorial

As Greenhill’s 39th year as an educator comes to a close, the impression he has made on the student body is unlike anything else. Students will forever remember the friendly hellos with which he greeted us each morning as we walked into school. Each of Greenhill’s hallway walks between classes must have consisted of over 50 hand waves and smiles. He always made an effort to reach out and connect with students, remembering each individual’s name in the space of a few school days.

greenhillweb_uaBut the bond Greenhill shares with his students is much more than a simple smile. He sincerely cares for his students. Not many principals can say they find the time to attend just about every sporting event their school has to offer, but we could always spot Greenhill from a mile away sporting his bright yellow coat at the various UAHS athletic events. Over the course of his career, Greenhill has shown a lot of Golden Bear pride.

Each of us has his or her individual memories of how Greenhill has shaped the time we’ve spent in high school. Don’t be afraid to let him know how much his time here has meant to you personally, and wish him good luck in his future endeavors. As we say goodbye to Greenhill, may we always remember how his positive attitude always made each day a little brighter.

Photo courtesy Chris Parker/This Week Newspaper

Photo caption: Principal Kip Greenhill receives the 2012 Golden Apple Award, sponsored by the UA Civic Association