By Katie Hosket

It’s no secret that the Columbus Blue Jackets are unsuccessful. Since their birth in the NHL world in 2000, the Jackets have done anythinkatieg but impress hockey followers around the nation. However, in a city where athletics are such a large part of many people’s lives, what is it that’s making the Jackets so horrid? It’s the hockey curse, of course.
Every year in Calgary Alberta, the CBJ recruits some of the best players to play for Columbus in the NHL draft. Such names including David Vyborny, Ray Whitney, Chris Clark, Jeff Sanderson, R.J. Umberger and the one most likely known: Rick Nash. The players come from Stanley Cup winning teams and top picks in the NHL draft. Their talent is out of this world yet, when they get to Columbus, it seems impossible for such a dream team to succeed.
Only once since the summer of 2000 did the Jackets make it to the playoffs. In 2008-2009, a loss occurred in the conference quarterfinals versus the Red Wings, 0-4. Since then, the playoffs have only been a hopeful dream because of the Jackets’ inability to qualify.
How difficult is it for a team of such amazing and talented players to win a few games? There’s something about Columbus. There’s something about Nationwide Arena. There is something that the Hockey Gods are holding back from these talented boys and their dedicated fans to get some wins. In hockey terms, these “beauts” are stuck in the mud of the hockey success. I hope, along with many other dedicated fans, that soon our boys can pull through and prove everyone wrong. Until then, the team will only represent its city in losses, not wins.