Many students benefit from the strength of UAHS’ athletics program

Staff Editorial

Nine weeks ago, during the U.S. Olympic trials, UA was given something extra to cheer for. On June 21, UA alum Abby Johnston qualified to compete in the 2012 Olympics with her synchronized springboard diving partner Kelci Bryant. On July 29, TVs were tuned to NBC to cheer on Johnston as she earned a silver medal in the event. It was the first time in 12 years that an American had brought home a medal in synchronized diving.

Johnston began her diving career at UAHS, where our swimming and diving teams excel, boasting 10 championships. The teams can attribute their success to a rigorous practice schedule, an excellent coaching staff and an inseperable team bond.

But they aren’t the only teams who have experienced success. Thanks to the high quality of the athletic program, the school is home to many winning sports teams. With well-maintained, state-of-the-art facilities, including the artificial surface on the football field, the recently-renovated wrestling facilities, and a weight room known to be used by OSU athletes, students have every opportunity to succeed in the sport of their choice.

Beyond top-notch coaching and facilities, the support of the UA community is huge. Students pack into the stands year round to cheer on various teams, from football to tennis, volleyball to lacrosse.

With this combination of coaching talent, sound facilities and community support, numerous alumni have gone on to play sports at big name colleges across the nation. UA has taught them how to be successful in more than one environment, granting them admission into schools that have famous academic and athletic programs.

Last year students paraded the football stands in animal suits, Hawaiian Ts and Golden Bear pride. Let’s continue this support and hopefully send more Golden Bears to the Olympics. Both the teams and the administration will appreciate it, as they work hard to give us the resources we need to succeed.