Upper Arlington’s athletes prepare throughout the summer for the fall season’s events

by Carly Tovell, ’13

Girls’ Soccer

Senior Katie Kapusta

Q: What has your team done to prepare for the upcoming season?

Kapusta: Starting the week after July 4 we had lifting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 in the morning and have had weekly two-a-days.

Q: Do you think this year will be a tougher season because you have fewer seniors?

Kapusta: It’s actually been great so far, because we all get along so well. We have the same goals on and off the field and want to see our team succeed in every way.

Q: What do you think are key factors to having a successful season?

Kapusta: We need to be able to sacrifice for the greater good of the team. Soccer is a long season, but we need to be ready for anything coming our way.


Senior Gus Ackley

Q: What do you think is different about this season than in the past?

Ackley: The seniors are a lot more connected with the underclassmen this year. It’s like we are all on the same level and work together rather than pretending the seniors are better than the underclassmen.

Q: How do you think UA will stand out against other teams this season?

Ackley: We have the sweetest [new] jerseys—obviously, a lot of swag—and have been working on our celebrations. We have a lot of speed and our defense is pretty much an animal. It’s ferocious.

Q: How important is school spirit to the success of the team?

Ackley: It is one of the most important parts of our success. When you’re at home games and you look up at the student section and see tons of people, it gets everyone so pumped up.