Editor looks focropped-kate-letter-from-editorrward to a successful year, appreciates community support for Arlingtonian

by Kate Magill, ’13

With the beginning of another school year upon us, there are a multitude of things to be excited about at UAHS. But the one I am personally most enthused about is the completion of the first issue of Arlingtonian. I am honored to be leading this year’s staff of hardworking, dedicated students, and together I believe we have created a fantastic first issue.

Despite the lure of one of our last weeks of summer, we have been diligently working to produce the opening issue of the magazine, typing away on our keyboards instead of lounging by the pool. While at times our work can be demanding, we feel it is an important and rewarding endeavor.

For those new to the high school, Arlingtonian is a completely student-run, student-produced news-magazine dedicated to informing its audience of the news, sports, entertainment and opinions concerning the student body of UAHS and the larger community. We are happy to say the monthly issues are distributed to everyone in the school free of charge. Because of this, Arlingtonian would not be possible without the help of our advertisers, grant providers and the donations of people like you. The staff works hard throughout the year to collaborate with local businesses who wish to advertise in our magazine, as well as work with local foundations to provide Arlingtonian with much-needed grants. This year, we are also hoping to maintain Arlingtonian through the support of our readers. Through your donations and support, we are able to continue to give voice to the community of UAHS. All supporters will be listed in the issue of the magazine to which they have donated in our “Donors” section below. Each donor who contributes to Arlingtonian is helping us to continue our work, and we truly appreciate all of your generous donations.

As we move forward with the new school year, Arlingtonian will continue its reputation for providing readers with an outstanding product while practicing responsible journalism. We encourage all of our readers to share their opinions and suggestions concerning the publication. If you have an idea you would like to share with the staff, please feel free to contact us on the web at www.arlingtonian.com, through email at arlingtonians@yahoo.com, or drop by the Journalism Lab in room 221 and let us know your thoughts in person.

Enjoy the issue!

Kate Magill

Arlingtonian Editor in Chief, 2012-13