by Journalism I student Peter Hutson, ’15

The annual Suburban College Fair will be held at Otterbein University on Sept. 16. The fair is an opportunity for upperclassmen to begin searching for colleges that fit them.

Roughly 220 colleges should be in attendance at the fair, which starts at 1 p.m. at the Clements Center.

The fair offers a wide variety of colleges. Big names such as Ohio State and Miami attend, alongside smaller colleges from across the nation. College Counselor Mark Davis said he encourages students to approach college representatives and see what information they offer.

For someone just beginning to search for colleges the fair could be very important, Davis said. However, seniors who are further along in the process of searching for colleges may not find it as useful.

Senior Riley Bivens said he has already chosen his top two colleges and does not plan on attending. Instead, Bivens talked to representatives independently and visited the colleges in person.

However, Dr. Kathy Moore, a new college center counselor at UAHS, said she would still recommend a trip to the fair, saying that it should certainly be a tool used in the college search process.

For those who are worried the size of the fair might be overwhelming, Davis said they shouldn’t be.

“There are fairs twice the size of this one,” Davis said. “I feel like this one is just the right size.”

Those interested in finding out more about the fair should visit