Underclassmen athletes contribute to top sports teams

by Emma Klebe ’12

photo by Lexy Elliott

photo by Lexy Elliott

Olivia Kompa

Varsity A girls tennis

Third singles position

Kompa has been playing USTA tournaments and team tennis throughout her athletic career. Her dedication and experience made her well prepared for high school tryouts.

“Tryouts were tough because I’ve never done them before here at the high school, but I played well and was happy to make the team,” Kompa said.

With a team filled with mainly seniors and returning players, Kompa was the only new member and freshman to make the varsity A cut.

“It’s nice being the youngest because I have people to look up to, but it’s hard because everyone else has been through the season before,” she said.

With a winning personal record so far, Kompa is proud of the way she’s played but is still looking to improve.

“This season I’ve improved some things already but I would still like to grow as a player.”

photo by Lexy Elliott

photo by Lexy Elliott

Ian Hamilton

Boys varsity Cross Country

Personal Best 5k Time of 18:23

“I was a cross country runner in middle school and I originally got involved because my mom ran in middle and high school as well,” he said. “I thought it would be fun to run and to be part of a team.”

The biggest adjustment for Hamilton coming into the UAHS cross country program was the practices.

“One big difference between middle school and high school cross country is the amount of miles we run each practice, which is about three times as much,” he said.

Involvement with the high school team not only means harder practices but more support from teammates.

“We work as a group in the sense that the person behind pushes the person in front of them to run faster,” he said

photo by Lexy Elliott

photo by Lexy Elliott

Jack Minnery

Junior varsity A boys Soccer

Forward Position

Soccer has been Minnery’s favorite sport since he was 7 years old. He has gained his experience by playing on numerous travel league teams including Eagles, Crew and Santos. His commitment to the sport helped him perform his best in his tryouts.

“I’m very happy with how I played at tryouts and with the team I made,” he said.

Although he officially made the junior varsity A team,

he was recently offered to practice and play with the

varsity team.

“[Getting the offer] makes me feel excited because I have been working really hard, and I’m happy that the coaches are willing to give me a chance to play,” Minnery said.

His aspirations for the season include getting to play more for varsity and scoring a goal in a varsity game.

photo by Lexy Elliott

photo by Lexy Elliott

Caroline Warner

Plays on varsity girls Volleyball

Outside hitter position

Warner’s love for the sport has driven her to train hard and excel as a volleyball player. Even during tryouts, a time most athletes would find stressful, Warner enjoyed the playing time.

“Tryouts this year were actually really fun. I love playing volleyball so every second of it is fun for me,” Warner said. “I was never really nervous, but I just played volleyball the way I knew how to play.”

After making varsity as the only freshman, the next challenge was playing as the youngest member of the team.

“Being the youngest is good because I have eight other ‘sisters’ that support me and help me,” she said, “but it’s bad because I always go last for everything.”

With the help of her teammates, Warner has made adjustments to the high school level of play.

“High school volleyball is a lot more fast paced and everything is a lot quicker.”