Upper Arlington athletes compete throughout the fall season’s events

By Natasha Ringnalda


Senior Katie Hosket  Katie Hosket

Q:What are some goals that the team wishes to set throughout the season?

Hosket: I think our main goal would be to just get everyone playing the best we can play and to score really low. We placed second at a tournament a few weeks ago in Findlay and we’d love to bring home a first place trophy in some invitational we play in this season. States of course are always a goal, but if we can get to districts like in past years, that’d be awesome too.

Q: How has the season been so far?

Hosket: The season’s been alright so far. We’re currently 2nd in our OCC Division out of 9 teams. We typically place 3rd-6th out of 18-20 team tournaments.


Senior Spencer Witt

Spencer Witt

Q:How have the first games gone this season?

Witt: We pulled off our first win of the season on September 6th by beating Dublin Jerome 1-0, but [we are] looking to the end of the season on winning more before the tournaments.

Q: How do players keep in shape during the off season?

Witt: We do numerous things during the off season including weightlifting and 2-a-day morning and evening conditioning through July and August.

Q: What do you as a captain expect to see throughout the season?

Witt: I expect to see the team come together as more of a whole. At the start of the season, we were at each others throats. But now, after our first win, we are starting to all get along better and trusting one another as well as the system.