The new white and black versions of the iPhone 5

By Elizabeth Tzagournis, ’13

After much anticipation, iPhone 5 is finally here. Near this time last year, Oct. 14, 2011, Apple presented the iPhone 4S and although Apple fans praised the latest creation, critics were left hoping for more. At the same time as the iPhone 4S release, there was the death of key Apple leader and innovator CEO Steve Jobs. According to Apple, four million units were sold in the first three days of the 4S release, and Jobs’ memory seemed to live on. But although the device proved an incredible success, the public desire for the iPhone 5 stood to be much higher. According to a Sept. poll of 1,402 readers on the technology website Macworld, nearly 40 percent of its readers were planning to buy the iPhone 5.

Only one week has gone by since customers got the chance to bring home their new iPhone. Senior Margaux Aschinger is excited about the newest iPhone, which she hopes to soon own. “[My] favorite feature would probably be that the maps can talk to you instead of trying to drive and read off a map that’s super small,” she said. “The graphics are also a lot better than the iPhone 4.”

The key changes to the iPhone 5 include an increased screen size of four inches and a faster internet connection with a 4G LTE network. All previous iPhone models have had an identical 3.5-inch screen size and the larger display has been a wish of consumers since the introduction of the original iPhone. Technology review website CNET polled over 41,600 people and found that the screen size was the most desired change.

“I’m excited about the bigger and longer screen that it is going to have,” Aschinger said.

A change more unexpected and even undesired is the different dock connector that the new iPhone uses. Though all previous iPhones ae compatible with one another’s devices (stereo speakers, charging docks, cords) the iPhone 5 requires an adapter in order to be used with other pre-iPhone 5 accessories. Acshinger, who has several other Apple products, will have to buy an adapter to use her new iPhone with her older pre-iPhone 5 compatible devices. “I have to buy all new cords to plug into all the house chargers,” she said. “My iHome won’t be able to play my music until they produce new ones, which will probably be expensive.”

Overall, though some may be annoyed at the inconvenience, the different connector’s main purpose is to take up less room and leave the remaining space for more hardware within the iPhone. Additionally, the extra room helps make the iPhone 5 one of the thinnest smartphones on the market and nearly 20 percent lighter than its predecessor, according to Apple.

Though there were no major shocks in the revelation of Apple’s newest brainchild, many consumers and critics alike praise its novel features and functions. According to Apple senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing Philip Schiller, after its initial release Sept. 14, the first wave of devices were sold out within an hour. Additionally, he said Apple has announced that within 24 hours two million phones were sold.

“iPhone 5 pre-orders have shattered the previous record held by the iPhone 4S and the customer response to iPhone 5 has been phenomenal.”