by marisa patwa


WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 15

WHERE:  Lifestyle Communities Pavillion

TIME: 6:30 P.M.


With its soaring vocals, raucous chorus and sizzling snare giving it the ultimate appeal, Boys Like Girls hit single, “The Great Escape” put this band on the map. One year later and the Boys are back, releasing another infectious album, Love Drunk, filled with a batch of explosive radio hits inspired by the heartaches and breaks of relationships.

With the roaring electronic beat of the rock ballad, “Heart Heart Heartbreak,” fans will get a glimpse of their punk attitude with the powerful lyrics,“You say we stick it out through the thick and thin/when the walls came down/you would not let me in.” Their rocker side is balanced with the tender melody, “Two is Better Than One,” that lead singer Martin Johnson pours his heart and soul into.

While only their sophomore album, the band has progressed into a mature, pop sound that will surely please any concert-goer


WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 17

WHERE: The Basement

TIME: 6 P.M.


Chicago-based band,The White Tie Affair, has already accumulated a huge fan base and been described as a mix between Justin Timberlake and AFI by the Chicago Sun Times. Their debut album, Walk This Way, released in April, is flirty and fun with falsetto vocals from front man Chris Wallace.

This album is packed with catchy beats such as the addictive party song, “Allow Me To Introduce Myself…Mr. Right,” with a witty chorus, “She was thinking Mr. Right/I was thinking right now.” In addition, there is the jazzy track, “The Letdown,” a soulful grove for the listener.

As a true guilty pleasure, any fan in Ohio should seek the opportunity to see The White Tie Affiar play this fall and get a true sense of what good pop music is all about.


WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 31

WHERE: The Basement

TIME: 6:30 p.m.


Rock band Cartel has become a musical powerhouse, touring everywhere from Tokyo to Toronto and even starring in their own miniseries. Cartel’s third album, Cycles, focuses on the future and its limitless possibilities.

A few tracks on the album showcase Cartel’s creative energy—from the soft love song, “Only You” to the anthem heavy, “Let’s Go.” Cycles is an explosive guitar-centric piece of work with uplifting beats.

According to their Myspace website, lead singer Will Pugh wrote, “We have built our career on non-stop touring and having music that makes for amazing shows is our first goal. I wanted to craft a record that represents the energy we bring into our live performance.”

The Cartel concert is a great way to start off anyone’s Halloween night right. With catchy lyrics and dance worthy beats, the concert will make everyone eager for a night of trick or treating—Cartel being the ultimate treat.


WHEN: Monday, Oct. 10

WHERE: Wexner Center

TIME: 8 p.m.


Artsy and innovative rock band,Wilco has released seven successful studio albums over the course of 15 years.  As an experimental band, Wilco has explored everything from Americana to alternative country music. Their newest album is self titled and resonates a feeling of confidence after years of hard work.

A blend of soulful groove and smooth R&B, Wilco features their first ever duet titled, “You and I,” recorded with indie folk singer Feist.“You and I” is a melodious song about two troubled lovers fighting to stay together.  While the harrowing “Bull Black Nova” has lead singer Jeff Tweedy screaming the disturbing lyrics, “There’s blood in the sink/I can’t calm down/I can’t think” that not only terrify listeners but completely immerse them in the distraught murder fantasy as well.

Wilco is testing the waters in uncharted territory with this album, so take a fulfilling journey with them this fall—you will not regret it.