The 2009-10 school year brings six fresh faces to the UAHS faculty. These teachers and administrators share stories of their hobbies and interests inside and outside the classroom.

By Hannah Jochem ‘10 & Maria Paskell ‘11

Name: Andrew Theado

Position: Science Teacher

Andrew TheodoAndrew Theado, an Upper Arlington native, has returned to his hometown for a career in teaching. Theado is back after graduating from Wright State University with a major in Biology and Environmental Science.

He balances his passion for science with a love for sports.Theado attended Bishop Watterson High School where he played football and baseball. In college, Theado continued playing baseball for the Wright State Raiders.

Theado has been teaching for seven years in two different school districts, including South-Western City Schools and Olentangy Local Schools.

When Theado is not grading quizzes and tests, he enjoys participating in outdoor adventure sports.

“I enjoy snowboarding and scuba diving,” Theado said.

Most of all, Theado said he is looking forward to upholding the tradition of excellence at UAHS.

Name: Amy Aspengren

Position: Guidance Counselor

Amy AspengrenAmy Aspengren is not only a new UAHS counselor, but she also balances her position with her role as a mom of twins. Aspengren previously worked at Gahanna Lincoln High School, but is already familiar with UAHS after participating in an internship.

“I was fortunate enough to have done my internship here a few years ago,” Aspengren said. “And I was amazed by the dedication and support that everyone gave to the students here.”

Aspengren grew up in Michigan, but attended a variety of universities in Ohio before finishing her schooling.

“I was a business major at Ohio University,” Aspengren said. “I received my Masters in Human Resources at Ohio State University and I received my Masters in School Counseling at University of Dayton.”

Aspengren’s interests include music, and she participated in the marching band while at Ohio University.

Aspengren said she looks forward to meeting people the most, whether it be staff or students.

Name: Kim Hutson

Position: Multiple Disabilities Teacher

Kim-HutsonA Buckeye through and through, Kim Hutson graduated from the Ohio State University last June, where she majored in Special Education. Hutson grew up in Mentor, Ohio, where she attended the largest high school in the stateMentor High School. Her graduating class contained around 850 students.

During her time at Mentor High School, Hutson lived right by Lake Erie and frequently visited it.

“Lake Erie is at the end of my parent’s street [in Mentor],” Hutson said, “so I could walk to the beach and watch the sunset wherever I wanted.”

This is Hutson’s first year of teaching, but she said her team teacher, Julie Bango, helped her make a smooth transition to UAHS. Hutson did a placement at UAHS as a senior in college, shadowing the other M-D teachers and finding the students to be extremely driven to learn.

“I really wanted to teach a group of kids with that kind of motivation,” Hutson said.

Together, Hutson and Bango teach a class of 13 students with varying physical and mental disabilities.

“I am looking forward to seeing my new freshmen walk across the stage at graduation,” Hutson said. “I will have been their only teacher here at UAHS and that will be the day that I know I have given them all the tools necessary to live an independent life.”

Name: Greg Sullivan

Position: Athletic Director

Greg SullivanGreg Sullivan, from Brooklyn, New York, has found his way to Upper Arlington to take on the position of Athletic Director. Sullivan’s interest in sports has been a lifelong passion, he played basketball and ran track in high school and continued basketball through college. Sullivan attended La Salle Academy in New York City for high school and went on to Brooklyn College where he received a bachelor’s degree in economics. Sullivan said he has held numerous jobs prior to becoming a teacher.

“I think my most unique quality is that I have been lucky to have had a lot of interesting life experiences,” Sullivan said

Some of these jobs include a doorman on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a deckhand on the Statue of Liberty Ferry, a college basketball coach, a commodity trader and a college professor. Now, he is on sabbatical leave from Otterbein College, where he is a professor in the Department of Health and Sports Science, to oversee the athletic department at UAHS.

When describing his work at Upper Arlington, Sullivan said his job consists of scheduling practice and game times, providing transportation, game management, hiring of coaches, and securing officials for games.

Sullivan said he is excited for the sports season.

“I am looking forward to enjoying the games, matches and meets,” Sullivan said. “That is the best part for me, to see the athletes perform and do their best.”

Name: Matthew Middleton

Position: Wellness Instructor

Matthew MiddletonUAHS proudly welcomes a four year lettermen in baseball from The Ohio State University. Matthew Middleton is the new Wellness instructor as well as the lifeguarding teacher.

Growing up in St. Paris, Ohio, where he attended Graham High School, Middleton was always an avid sports fan and participant.

“I participated in football, basketball and baseball in high school,” Middleton said.

Moving on to OSU, Middleton declared a major relating to his passion of sports—Sport and Leisure Studies with a concentration in Coaching and Sport Performance, he said.

Now married with three boys, Jace, Tate and Dax, Middleton hopes to simply add to the already existent Wellness program.

“I do not plan on making it that much different [rather] building on what is already in place,” Middleton said. “A new face and different way of doing things is not always a bad thing.”

Already feeling at home after just two weeks at UAHS, Middleton said he looks forward to seeing the smiles of students and faculty everyday.

“I feel very humbled to be working at such a wonderful school,” Middleton said.

Name:  Tom Cochran

Position: Assistant Principal

Tom Cochran enters the high school as a new assistant principal. Having taught for seven years and serving as an administer for the last five, Cochran has spent his time in several different school districts.

“I was an assistant principal at Reynoldsburg High School for the last four years,” Cochran said. “Prior to that, I was an assistant principal at Bloom-Carroll High School for a year.”

Even with this past experience, Cochran said he still sees large differences between UAHS and the other schools he taught.

“The opportunities for students to design a curriculum tailored to their individual interests is unprecedented,” Cochran said. “I can speak from experience, that having that opportunity really gives students an advantage when they begin post-secondary careers or an educational journey.”

Filling in the spot of Jay Powell, Cochran has taken over Powell’s previous responsibilities, although some changes have been made.

“Two of my biggest responsibilities are discipline and attendance for the senior class and master schedule,” Cochran said.

Cochran said he has been warmly welcomed to UAHS, which has aided to his transition to the district and the school.

“UAHS is always striving to better prepare students for the challenge of the 21st century,” Cochran said. “I hope that I can help further this process and continue to ‘raise the bar’ when it comes to providing the best education possible for all students.”