Student Activity Fair

Clubs highlighted during fourth & fifth periods in auditorium lobby

by Journalism I sophomore Devon Blank

Sept. 28, the second annual Student Activity Fair is showing off the clubs at UAHS.

Student activity coordinator Jodi Palmer said she organized the fair so students could see clubs in which they may be interested without having to commit to a club.

The fair will take place during fourth and fifth period lunch in the auditorium lobby, where many of UAHS’ 75 clubs will have stands set up competing for students’ membership.

According to Palmer, the fair is a great way for freshmen to get acquainted with the clubs offered at the high school, though upperclassmen can also benefit from the event.

“There is a niche for everyone,” she said. “Adding a little bit extra to your school life can only be good.”

Senior Raul Carvalho, Spirit Club President, said the fair is a great way to get people involved in clubs.

Sophomore Lisa Fowler said joining clubs can be enjoyable, but it can also help with getting into colleges.

“Clubs look good on college resumes,” she said. “[Colleges] will probably consider you more than if you had not been in any clubs.”

To learn more, visit the school’s webpage on clubs at

Senior choral student section leaders Caroline Edwards, Allee Overmyer, Allan Labanowski and Jacob Conrad pose at the summer Vocal Ensemble Retreat. The camp centered around the beginning stages of the Follies journey, director Eric Kauffman said. Photo courtesy Eric KauffmanFall Follies

Music from The Beatles will be featured in 2012 production

by Journalism I freshman Becina Ganther

With excitement building for the Fall Follies show featuring music from The Beatles, the choral programs are preparing for the performances on Oct. 18, 20 and 21.

Junior Olivia Van Benschoten, a Follies performer, said she is excited about the theme.

“Follies is unique in that it allows all the choirs to perform literature that we otherwise wouldn’t touch,” she said. “We’re singing The Beatles. How often do school choirs sing that?”

While searching for the Follies theme, vocal music director Eric Kauffman said he was looking for music that would be popular with the students as well as with the audience.

Parent Tracy Crouse, President of Vocal Music, said the theme should be a crowd pleaser for community members.

“Mr. Kauffman picks scenes that appeal to all generations,” Crouse said.

Kauffman said the audience can expect to hear a range from The Beatles’ repertoire. The program has begun writing scripts, creating choreography and designing costumes.

Junior performer Marielle Rodgers said, “I love Fall Follies because it is one of the main performances for the year, but unlike our other concerts there are costumes and choreography.”

Homecoming Week

Student Council sets the stage with Spirit Week festivities

by Journalism I sophomore Michael McGovern

As senior Student Council Presidents Raul Carvalho and Abby Godard announced on the Sept. 7 Kickin’ It broadcast, the theme for Homecoming will be “Candyland”. Student Council is partnering with the Art Club to help carry out this theme.

“Instead of just having Student Council decide the theme, we opened the decision up to other students,” Carvalho said. “Besides Candyland, we had some other possible selections, like American, neon and Hawaiian.”

Sophomore Student Council member Jack Plasket said Student Council will have its hands full in preparation for the dance.

“For something this important, we have a number of groups with different roles,” Plasket said. “However, no one has a more prominent role than another.”

Leading up to the Oct. 6 Homecoming is Spirit Week. Carvalho, a leader of both Spirit Club and Student Council, is hoping to have the two groups work together in order to get students of all grade levels involved.

“During Spirit Week, we come up with a theme for each school day leading up to the Homecoming,” Carvalho said.

This is an important week for both Student Council and Spirit Club, Carvalho said. It is one of the few times the two groups will work together on a major project.

“Being a senior, I want to leave a legacy that shows that I got students involved,” Carvalho said. “So if any students have ideas about future projects, they can come talk to me or Abby [Godard] or visit the Student Council Twitter page [@UAHS_SC].”

Junior Julie Dierker avoids a Cincinnati Princeton defender to make a pass at the Aug. 25 match. The team won 5-4. Photo by Maria BergerGirls Water Polo

Team strives to win its third consecutive state championship

by Journalism I sophomore Lindsey Meredith

After winning its second straight state championship in 2011—its third in four years—the girls water polo team is determined to win the state championship again this season.

Coach Dan Peterkoski said, “ If the girls are willing to do the work … they will be afforded the opportunity to compete for the championship.”

Senior captain Emily Annen said the team’s hope of winning the state championship this year is driven by its victories in 2010 and 2011.

“You want to keep the tradition going, and you want to make sure you play at a high level,” Annen said. “[The state championship] is something we work for,” she said.

Sophomore Emma Lammers said the team focuses on endurance.

“We run and swim a lot … to sustain our energy throughout a game,” she said, “also incorporating drills and scrimmaging to improve our technical abilities.”

Girls Tennis

Tournament play begins next month

by Journalism I junior Maria Grund

With tournaments approaching fast, the girls tennis team plans to make another strong showing at the state tournament.

Senior Andi Smart, varsity A captain, said the team has the skill and drive to take another state title. The captains added summer workouts to improve endurance. The extra conditioning paid off, as the team is ranked first in the OCC* and placed first in the Aug. 25 Canfield Doubles Classic.

As a returning varsity A captain, senior Elaine Cloern said she has a personal goal of winning a third consecutive doubles state title with her partner, sophomore Audrey Berger.

“We have done extremely well,” Cloern said. “We have yet to lose a match, and hopefully we can keep it that way.”