Fall sports come to an end as post season begins

Boys golf senior captain Josh Wick

Captain Josh Wick

Q: What was the lowest round during this season and who scored it?

Wick: The lowest round was done by Will Mason with a 68.

Q: How do you personally think the team has played as a whole?

Wick: As a team, we probably had arguably the best regular season in Upper Arlington mens golf history, winning an unprecedented 10 tournaments including eight of our last 10.

Q:  How do you think the team as a whole has progressed from the beginning of the season?

Wick: We started the season off kind of slow, but once we won our first tournament a week or two into the season, we took off and started to dominate from there on out.

Girls volleyball senior captain Samantha Farwick

Samantha Farwick

Q: How has the team progressed throughout the season?

Farwick: We’ve come together more as a team by communicating on and off the court and after we spent more time together we have created more chemistry.

Q: What game has stood out to you the most and why?

Farwick: The game that stood out to me the most was Olentangy Liberty because we took a set from them.  Even though we lost it, was one of the best games we’ve played as a whole.

Q: What is the team hoping to accomplish before the end of the season?

Farwick: Our goal for the season is to improve the second half of the season and come together as one, which we succeeded in doing.