Arlingtonian Newsmag

Students reflect upon current technolgy, share favorite iPhone and Twitter trends

by Emma Klebe ’13 and Carly Tovell ’13

What is your favorite iPhone app?

33.5% said Instagram

26% said they didn’t have an iPhone

20% said other

13% said Snapchat

6.5% said Pinterest

1% said Face Swap

If you like Instagram, @Arlingtonians suggests: Voxer

What’s the biggest iPhone problem?

42% said battery life

28% said they didn’t have an iPhone

16% said wifi connection

7% said maps

5% said facetime

3% said other

If you have problems with battery life, @Arlingtonians suggests: battery charging cases

What is your favorite Twitter page to follow?

40% said they didn’t have a Twitter account

20% said other

13% said @Women’s/Men’sHumor

11.5% said @Milk

8.5% @ThatUAKid

7% said @Honeybooboo

If you like like @Women’s/Men’sHumor, @Arlingtonians suggests: @fillwerrell