An inside look at Ohio’s world renowned scary attraction

By Davey Strahm, ’13

Dead Acres, also known as the Haunted Hoochie, is regarded as a premier haunted house; one that is not only highly recognized, but also conveniently located in Pataskala, OH.

Many people in the state have experienced the thrills and chills of the Haunted Hoochie, making it into a nationally-recognized horror attraction.

The top-ranked haunted house boasts a vast collection of awards, most notably the International Association of Haunted Attractions 2011 Top 10 Must See Attractions award, and 2011 top 13 best haunts in the country award. One of the driving forces behind the success of the Haunted Hoochie is the confidence of its staff and owners.

“We don’t worry about what other haunts are doing, we just blaze a trail for everyone else to follow,” owner Tim May said.

A demonic line-up of haunts sets the stage for an unforgettable night this season. The advertising arrow head for this year’s attraction is the never before attempted live demon birth simulation, according to the official website.

Along with the demon birth, several new additions have been made to the Haunted Hoochie and a few of them have May quite excited.

“A brand new Satanic Church of Snake Worship, and a 1950s style junk yard, not to mention the two new allusions, should more than do the job of scaring and attracting people,” May said.

Other possible highlights for this year’s house include the ever popular screamo/death metal concert for pre-entree motivation and entertainment, and the horror movie on the side of the barn.

“We also have food, people walking around selling things, and a gift shop. So we encourage our attendees to bring plenty of money,” May said.

The Haunted Hoochie opened on Sept. 21 this year and remains open until Nov. 3. The haunts run Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, with the doors opening at approximately 8:30.

Tickets are available on the website and on location. For the $20 fee not only do ticket holders receive entrance to the Haunted Hoochie, but also to the accompanying haunt, Bad Trip in 3-D.

Bad Trip has been open since 2009, and is a completely separate haunted house. The attraction includes a spinning walkway, and a slaughterhouse walkthrough.

Also available are the highly-demanded VIP tickets for $30, which allow ticket holders entrance before everyone else. The also permit entrance to the Bad Trip attraction.

VIP ticket purchasers not only get entrance to both the Bad Trip and the Haunted Hoochie, they also get free music entertainment. This year the band Creature Feature will provide standing room entertainment for those who wait to enter. They will be performing live music from their new album The House of Myth.

May works year round to ensure a horrifying experience that people will remember for a lifetime. For him the best part about being in the horror business is the month after.

“November is my favorite time [of the year]. [We] get to reflect on this year and start [planning] for the next.”