Students are blind to the benefits of attending a school like UAHS

Staff Editorial

It is more than cliche to say that Upper Arlington is a bubble; however it is also a quite reasonable statement. When kids grow up in a cultural enclave, they receive a biased view of the world.

Students at UAHS are unaware of how much they have and how lucky they are to attend such a prestigious school.

Due to the higher level of income of the families in UA, our schools are better funded and can recruit better teachers with higher qualifications. According to data compiled by the UAHS College Center, 118 of the teachers at UAHS have earned Masters Degrees, and four have Ph.D.s. Along with this impressive staff, we are also able to provide more services for our students.

According to the city-data website, in 2011 over $83 million was spent in 2011 strictly for student services. These services include a wide range of things including transportation, instructional staff support, and pupil support.

While it is true that we have a financial advantage there is also an advantage that comes from just living in UA. With over 70 percent of adults in UA having at least a Bachelors degree, according to the Upper Arlington Developmental Department; education is a proud tradition for most families. This tradition does not go unnoticed, as UAHS is nationally recognized for its achievements by US News as the 244th ranked school in the nation and the 9th ranked school in the state.

According to The Washington Post UAHS has a four-year graduation rate of 99.9 percent. While this may not mean as much alone, of that 99.9 percent, 84 percent of students who graduate from UAHS go on to attend a four-year university. And according to the UAHS Collegeenter’s data, 10 percent go on to attend a two-year university.

Many kids in UA will say they hate homework and that school is the worst. But is there really that much to hate? A good education, a stable community, residential security and a tradition of wealth and success should more than compensate for the 35 hours a week we spend at school.

So while it is easier to complain about going to school, students should remember that in UA we have it pretty good. And you don’t have to travel far to witness the alternative.