Election season. A tense time for the United States, filled with mudslinging politicians slamming citizens with a flood of letters, e-mails and commercials, all hoping to score yet another crucial vote. This year, however, is especially tense, as the 2012 election decides our nation’s President for the next four years.

kateIt is during election season that the media becomes even more significant, not only as a platform for campaigns to reach viewers, but also as a source of objective, credible information for citizens. In our high school, Arlingtonian strives to be such a source.

This goal can be seen in our current issue, as we have extensively covered the upcoming election, writing about topics ranging from the presidential contest and the Upper Arlington school levy to the brutality with which political candidates treat one another during campaigns. Because of the topics covered this issue, it was more important than ever to work as unbiased journalists, so that we could provide our readers with objective stories. I hope that our articles will help readers form educated opinions on the issues concerning our nation, rather than be unfairly influenced.

Not only was it vital to remain objective in our reporting this issue, but it was also important to do so in our advertising.

As can be seen throughout the issues of Arlingtonian, numerous local businesses and groups advertise within our publication, including political campaigns. Although we as a staff choose to allow political campaigns to advertise with Arlingtonian, we do not in any way endorse one candidate or group.

In the current issue, our staff endeavored to provide reliable coverage of issues concerning readers, including those that are part of the election. I hope these articles help you, our readers, to make conscientious decisions concerning the election, especially if you will be casting a vote Nov. 6, and that the writing and art presented on these pages helps to bring more clarification to the news of the world around you.

Enjoy the issue!

Kate Magill

Arlingtonian Editor-in-Chief, 2012-13