By Abigail Petrecca

A new club recently started at the high school with hopes of getting major “Whovians” together to watch the British sci-fi TV show “Dr. Who.”

Sophomore Lindsey Meredith said she started the club with her friends because of other students’ reactions to their Dr. Who T-shirts.

“[Sophomores] Olivia Deiker, Emma Root, and I noticed whenever we wore our Dr. Who shirts or talked about it, people around the school would talk or comment about how they love the show,” Meredith said.

Together, the girls decided to start a club in dedication to the show. Sophomore Greer Hall joined the club because she wanted to meet other Whovians, as well as the fact that some of her friends founded the club.

For those who have never heard of the Timelord Dr. Who, he is from the planet Gallifrey and he travels through time via a blue telephone box and fights off enemies that he may face along the way. The show was started in the ‘60s and then stopped from 1989-2005. Upset Whovians urged for it to restart, and since then it has gained major popularity in the United States, Hall said .

During the club’s first meeting, members talked about their favorite episodes and watched a popular episode from the past, Hall said.

“We drank juice boxes, ate Oreos, watched one of the most popular episodes, and chatted about Who,” she said. “Twas wonderful!”

Meredith said the group is planning on having games and trivia at the next meeting.

Both Meredith and Hall described themselves as “major Whovians;” Hall has become hooked on the show from the first episode.

“It’s unlike any show I have ever seen,” Hall said. “It has raw emotion, intense action, complicated plot lines, wonderful dialogue, and holds some of the greatest fans I have ever met.”

The club meets in room 110 on the first Tuesday of every month.